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Welcome to Noia's Blog!

Welcome to Noia's Blog! This blog is made for you, made to keep you updated with the fashion latest trends of the season. We will be posting once a week a picture with one of our amazing and very useful tips. Also here you can find the must have item of the season and the best outfits that need to be part of your guard rope.

You will fall in love with all we share! Please come back very often!! xo



Loose Holiday Carbs!


Art Heart Fashion Experience! 

All you guys know NOIA got to participate in Art Heart Fashion in LA. We totally loved it! We have to admit we were kind of nervous when we got there because everything was looking so professional, but we knew we could rock the runway with our gorgeous “RIAl” collection by our extremely creative designer Evelyne Aguilar. The director of this event was Didi Roberts, did an awesome job at organizing every single detail. She demanded perfection and that is what she got! We are so thankful to the amazing team that was assigned to help us, you guys made everything so much easier! We are grateful for this opportunity. Art Heart Fashion surpassed our expectations and we are so proud of everyone that helped make this event perfect!


FWSD Spring Show Outfit

NOIA’s resort outfit rocked the runway at FWSD Spring Show ’14. Our swimwear has grabbed the publics attention which makes us totally sure that our designer is just the best! We enjoyed every moment of the show and we hope you did too. NOIA’s team has put its dedication and effort to make the brand grow, we know it has a huge potential to keep on growing. We are so grateful to everyone that has helped making it possible. Photo courtesy of Chuck Fedalizo, CF Photography Studios.

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FWSD14 Spring Showcase

NOIA was spotted at last weeks FWSD 2014 1st Annual Spring Showcase! Being part of this great event is not a new thing for NOIA because we have participated 3 years in a row, and we totally agree that every year it gets better. The show took place at Harrah’s Hotel making every moment so glamorous. You could see the excitement on all photographers’, designers’ and models’ faces and our ears were filled with the best mixes a dj could make. NOIA’s team has worked hard for this event and we are happy to get some of our collections well received and, of course, sold.We are so thankful to everyone that has made this experience possible, including Allison Andrew and her crew. We are proud to say that we are always ready for a next show!

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How She Wears It!

NOIA's designer was spotted wearing these gorgeous outfit and the perfect pair of shoes. She wore a NOIA t-shirt with a black vinyl circle skirt. Her white blazer matched perfectly with her heels making the perfect, everlasting combination between black and white. We love how she wears it! Remember that there is more to just putting on the perfect outfit, it's a matter knowing how to wear it.


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